Kavita + Manish


My main wish for my wedding reception was to have everyone on the dance floor ALL night…and DJ Yogi made that happen! I still get emails/texts/phone calls from people telling me it was the best dance floor they’ve ever seen at any wedding. I had friends who drove 4 hours from Dallas to come the Reception and were trying to leave early and they kept saying “Ok we’ll leave after this song…OH but this song is good too”…which went on all night. EVERY song Yogi played was incredible. He played a mix of old/new, hindi/american, hip-hop/pop and everything in between. I can definitely be pretty OCD and planned everything down to the final detail of my wedding, but when it came to music, I knew I was in good hands and told Yogi to do his thing..and I’m so glad I did. If you want just one thing to be relaxed about and know that you will have an amazing Reception, book with DJ Yogi.

While his music and spinning is the number one reason I went with him, the other things I loved was how professional he was and how amazing the lighting was. He is incredibly responsive and has been in the industry for so long that he’s able to help in other areas of the wedding that are not in his realm. At one point Yogi was helping me coordinate and send emails to AV teams, Rigging teams, Decor, etc. He’s just such an incredible asset to have and really helps you find out where to spend your money. He’s incredibly honest and just wants you to have a great time. There were times where I wanted to spend more money and add things and he told me “You honestly don’t want to waste money on that. If you have extra budget, this is where I’d spend it”. I feel like I could keep writing but the world limit is going to cut me off, so final thing I’ll say, if you want the party of a lifetime, book Yogi!