Chandni + Deepak

As someone who’s religiously followed music and collected mixes and dj sets for over half my Life, the standard to which I would hold the dj at my own wedding was a high one. Music, after all, makes the party. DJ ALX delivered and surpassed my expectations on all counts. He has the music library (with genuine surprises!), mixing skill, ability to read the crowd, delivery of requests AND is an excellent MC. Only a veteran DJ like ALX can accomplish all of the above simultaneously without issue. And when it comes to weddings, this is what you need – someone who can handle it without worry or headache. His professionalism, attitude, and skill put him at the top of my recommendation list to DJ any event you can think of. When a lot of your guests ask you “where did you find that DJ!??”, you know it was done right!

Thank you ALX for helping make our wedding as awesome and memorable as it was!