Serena + Siva

When you think of an amazing wedding there are a few things that come to mind… good food, open bar and AMAZING music. Thanks to DJ Yogi almost everyone stayed to the very end of the reception!! We were and are still to this day told how great the music was!! We mentioned the type of music we liked once and he knew exactly what we wanted! He played everything from old/new bollywood hits, to old school hip hop, to EDM!! We were in amazing hands with DJ Yogi and never felt the need to check in with him! If there is one thing I can say with certainty it is booking DJ Yogi is the BEST and easiest decision you will make!

Aside from the amazing music, DJ Yogi was very on top of things! He made the whole process so simple—which if you have planned a wedding you know that is never the case!!! He responded very quickly from the initial email I sent all the way up until the day of the wedding. He is very knowledgeable and even handled many of the conversations with other vendors which was of great help when we needed to figure out AV, décor, lighting, etc. He is also one of the few vendors that will be honest with you and tell you NOT to spend more on certain things that would not really have an impact, and would give you better ideas on what you could spend on. There is a reason DJ Yogi has the great reputation he has!! Seriously… just book him.