"1st Right Shelf Section "

Make Sure This Is How This Section Looks At All Times

Full View Of 1st Shelf Section
Second Shelf: Cocktail hour box, Alex Mic Rack, Mic Stands, Sub Poles (for Turbo Sound and JR RCF subs)

First Shelf: Moving Head Controllers, Moving Head Laptop Cases, Uplight Controller Cases, Small Mic Rack, Mid Mic Rack, Small Mixer, Mid Mixer, Big Mixer

On The Floor: Out Of Box Hazers, 6 Cases Of White Uplight Cases, Hazers in Boxes ontop of White Uplight Cases, Box Of Tape and Wireless DMX Box ontop of White Uplight Cases.

Second Shelf
Cocktail Hour Box
Alex Mic Rack
Mic Stands
Sub Poles for Turbo Sound and JR RCF subs

First Shelf
Moving Head Controllers
Moving Head Laptops
Uplight Controllers
Small Mic Rack
Mid Mic Rack
Small Mixer
Mid Mixer
Big Mixer

On The Ground
Out Of Box Hazers on left side.
6 Cases of White Uplight Cases, 3 rows of two
Hazers inside boxes go ontop of White Uplight Cases
Tape Box and Wireless DMX box on top of White Uplight Cases