Right Side 2nd Shelf Section

Make Sure This Is How This Section Looks At All Times

Full View Of 2nd Shelf Section
Second Shelf: Boxes of Truss skirts stacked, Powercon box stacked on top of HDMI box, Box of Short IEC Cords, Box of Pinspot clamps, 3 boxes of Pinspots

First Shelf: Box of Excess 50 Ft Exts, Box of Surge Protectors stacked on top of Long IEC Cords, Box of DMX wires, 6ft - 15ft XLRS on top of 100ft XLRs, 25ft - 30ft XLRS on top of 50ft XLR Box.

On The Ground: White Moving Head Cases followed by Black Moving Head Cases, followed by section of Speaker Poles. On top of Moving Head Cases are extension boxes.

Second Shelf
Boxes of Truss Skirts Stacked
Powercon Box on top of HDMI box
Short IEC Cables Box
Pin Spot Clamps Box
3 Boxes of Pin Spots

First Shelf
Excess of 50ft Extensions
Surge Protectors Box on top of Long IEC Cables Box
DMX Wires Box
6ft to 15ft XLR Box on top of 100ft XLR Box
25ft to 30ft XLR Box on top of 50ft XLR Box

On The Floor
2 Cases of White Moving Head Cases to the right
2 Cases of Black Moving Head Cases to the right
Speaker Poles to the right of the Black HFX Moving Head Cases